Oval Kit

Oval Kit


The Oval Kit! NEW

Kit includes 5 CX Oval Brushes!

CX1, CX4, CX7, CX8, CX10

$308 value for only $250.

CX1 - Massages and stimulates the scalp. Excellent to brush in products for even distribution, while detangling hair. Can be used with a blow dryer for volume and movement.

CX4 - Great for smoothing hair and shine, this brush can also be great for teasing hair. 

CX7 - Designed for smoothing, extensions and updos. Anti static and heat resistant.

CX8 - Extra long rounded metal pins. Designed for long hair, extensions, and detangling wet or dry hair. Europe’s number one selling brush for hair extensions. Anti static and heat resistant.

CX10 - For wet or dry brushing, great post shower, pool, ocean, or spa. Gentle on the scalp and outstanding at effortlessly detangling hair. Carbonized wood. Nylon bristles with ball tip.